[LA1] Server Relocation [20072301] [Complete]

Maintenance Start Time: Aug 17, 2020 19:00 (GMT+8) Maintenance End Time: Aug 18, 2020 04:00 (GMT+8) Expected Downtime: 30 Minutes Impacted Services: All servers in Los Angeles 1 (LA1)     Details:   We will be relocating servers from Los Angeles 1 (LA1) to Los Angeles 3 (LA3) during the maintenance window. All servers will be shutdown ... Read More »

23rd Jul 2020
[LA2] Migration of OpenVZ servers [20070701] [Complete]

Maintenance Start Time: July 23rd, 2020 19:00 (GMT+8) Maintenance End Time: July 24th, 2020 02:00 (GMT+8) Expected Downtime: 15 Minutes Impacted Services: All OpenVZ servers in Los Angeles 2 (LA2)   Details: As part of our OpenVZ retirement plan, we have scheduled a maintenance window for OpenVZ servers in Los Angeles 2 datacentre. The ... Read More »

8th Jul 2020
[JP4] Upstream Network Outage [20060401]

Update 00:29 June 06: The service of upstream was recovered. We will reroute our traffic back to the upstream when we confirm the connectivity. The brief outage description from upstream is attached below. Due to the activation of fire alarm, the power system turned off and caused the server room to become locked without power which led to a ... Read More »

4th Jun 2020
[OSK1-14] RAID Degraded - Emergency Maintenance [20060101] [Complete]

The maintenance was completed. All VPS are relocated and powered on. If you encounter any issue, please contact us. ------   The maintenance did not go well as expected. We have to schedule another event to mitigate the issue. Maintenance Time: 00:00 June 2nd, 2020 Event: We will relocate your VPS to another server in health condition. A ... Read More »

1st Jun 2020
[KR1-10] Server Down - RAID Failure [20053101]

We are sorry to inform you that we are unable to rebuild the RAID array on the server where your VPS is hosted at. There are failures on two disks in the same span at the same time, which caused the failure of RAID10 and we cannot fix it after many attempts. Although we are still trying to retrieve the data, unfortunately the possibility of data ... Read More »

31st May 2020
Coronavirus Update

Dear customer, As you may know, the coronavirus outbreak has been reported in several countries and regions. We hereby ensure you that we are in full operation and all our services remain unchanged. However, please note that there are precautionary actions taken in local datacentres, which have impacts on remote hand services and the entry to ... Read More »

19th Mar 2020
[KR1] Network Maintenance [20202] [Complete]

Maintenance Number: 20202 Time: Jan 9, 2020  16:00 - 17:00 (HKT) Jan 9, 2020 17:00 - 18:00 (KST) Datacenter: Seoul 1, South Korea [KR1] Impacted Customers: All customers in Seoul 1, South Korea datacenter Expected Impact: Network will be disconnected for less than 30 minutes   Details: During the maintenance window, our upstream will ... Read More »

3rd Jan 2020
[SG1] Shutdown of Data Center Suites Electrical Equipment for Annual Maintenance [Complete]

Dear Valued Customer,   As part of annual maintenance, the following maintenance windows have been scheduled on electrical equipment associated to one of the DRUPS source. The maintenances will ensure the reliable and safe operation of HV switchboard, transformer and LV distribution panels.   Date: 12th September 2019 Maintenance Time: ... Read More »

5th Jun 2019
[HK4] Periodic Inspection, Testing and Certification (PITC) work [Complete]

The #1 maintenance window has been completed. ------ We have scheduled the following maintenance windows to switch the power source for single powered device. #1: 11:00 - 18:00 May 21 HKT #2: 11:00 - 18:00 Jun 5 HKT During the maintenance windows, impacted servers will be powered off, switched to alternative power source, and powered on. If ... Read More »

16th Apr 2019
[HK4] Server Power Maintenance [Complete]


We will perform power maintenance on some servers in HK4 datacentre.

Date:  April 1st 10:00am-10:30am (GMT+8)

Impact: Normally there is no outage. Under extreme situation there will be interruption of less than 10 minutes.

Customers whose servers are involved in the maintenance will receive an Email.

29th Mar 2019