[TOK1] OpenVZ VPS Migration Maintenance [Complete]

May 14th, 2018:The migration for KVM servers are postponed. The following maintenance will be for OpenVZ servers only.-------The following maintenance window has been scheduled for migration from Tokyo 1 to Tokyo 4 datacentre for VPS servers.Start: May 16th, 2018 13:00End: May 16th, 2018 23:00During the maintenance, your VPS servers will be ... Continuare »

27th Apr 2018
[OSK1] Datacentre Relocation Maintenance [Complete]

April 25th, 2018 20:35:Devices have been relocated and powered on.------April 25th, 2018 15:09:Related devices are being relocated to new datacentre.------April 25th, 2018 14:45:Related devices are being powered off.------April 23rd, 2018 19:05:Related servers are re-located to new datacentre and powered on.------April 23rd, 2018 15:00:Related ... Continuare »

23rd Apr 2018
[SG1] DRUPS Maintenance [Complete]

The maintenance is complete without power interruption.------Customer,Shutdown maintenance for DRUPS has been scheduled in SG1 datacentre.Date : 23rd April 2018Maintenance Time : 08:00 Hrs to 22:00 Hrs (GMT+8) During the shutdown maintenance: 1. DRUPS will be transferred to bypass mode and unit will be shut down. Power to one side of IT Racks ... Continuare »

10th Apr 2018