In compliance with RFC3177 about IPv6 assignment recommendation, we have made a change to our IPv6 assignment policy.

1. VPS

Since now, new VPS will be assigned a /64 prefix with one usable IPv6 address by default. Up to 5x additional usable IPv6 can be added through control panel.

Steps to get your IPv6 prefix:

  1. Find your server in "My Products" and click in control panel
  2. Click Network Button
  3. You can now add, delete an IPv6 address or set rDNS record

For KVM VPS, manual configuration in operating system or reinstallation is required. The assigned /64 prefix belongs to a /54 subnet on each node, so please set your netmask to 54 and gateway to the one shown in Network page. You may refer to the tutorial.

For OpenVZ VPS, your new IPv6 will be effective immediately.

The new policy is applied to new VPS in the following locations.

  • Hong Kong 4, Hong Kong
  • Singapore 1, Singapore
  • Tokyo 4, Japan
  • Osaka 1, Japan
  • Los Angeles 3, USA
  • Steenbergen 1, Netherlands

Due to network structure limitation,  new assignment is not available in other locations. Existing VPS with IPv6 address in a shared /64 prefix or no IPv6 assigned in the above locations can be changed upon request in support ticket.

In the meantime, we have modified our control panel, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


2. Dedicated Server

A dedicated /54 prefix will be routed to the link-local address of a dedicated server. By default all IPv6 addresses in the prefix are usable.

Customer may request a larger space in support ticket.

Thank you.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

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