Update 00:29 June 06:

The service of upstream was recovered. We will reroute our traffic back to the upstream when we confirm the connectivity.

The brief outage description from upstream is attached below.

Due to the activation of fire alarm, the power system turned off and caused the server room to become locked without power which led to a delay in entering the building to investigate the cause. After confirming the safety with the fire department and police, we were able to enter the building early morning on June 5th.

For details on the resumption of Data Center entry and the start of power supply, there is a report from NTT Bizlink (Japanese only).


■発生日時 2020年 6月 4日 22:45分頃

■事象 葛西BECビル7F UPS室にて火災警報が発報。



■原因 調査中

■影響範囲 葛西データセンターをご利用のお客様



22:45 葛西BECビルが全館停電7FのDCフロアUPS室にて火災警報発報


23:30 保守会社社員及び消防が現地到着し、調査開始


1:00 被疑の7階UPS室への入室が、給電が停止したため出来ない状態

4:00 鍵業者を手配し、消防立合いのもと、UPS室開錠作業開始

4:10 UPS室の開錠完了、消防による安全性の確認作業を開始


4:50 保守会社社員が、UPS室に入室。電気系統の点検を開始

5:40 故障箇所の復旧に向けた作業開始


Update 00:39 June 05:

Network access was restored after switching to other upstreams. Please note that BGP session service might be impacted due to upstream prefix filter.

We will switch back when the upstream is available. Further RFO will be released when we receive it.


Update 00:10 June 05:

Cause of Outage: Fire alarm was triggered on Kasai datacentre which the outage network upstream is connected to. The fire alarm cut the electricity, resulting in network outage of the upstream. 

The fire alram does not impact our devices in Tokyo 4. In the meantime, we are enabling alternative upstreams to restore network access.


Outage Location: Tokyo 4, Japan

Outage Type: Network Upstream

Outage Start Time: June 04, 2020 22:55 (JST)

Outage End Time: June 05, 2020 01:39 (JST)


This is a quick update regarding network issue in Tokyo 4 datacentre. Since 22:55 (JST), one of our upstreams is down in this location. The upstream is used to serve international traffic, and the accident results in partial network outage.

They are working on fixing the issue. Domestic Japanese access and IPv6 network are not impacted at the moment.

We will keep you updated when we have.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

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