We are sorry to inform you that we are unable to rebuild the RAID array on the server where your VPS is hosted at. There are failures on two disks in the same span at the same time, which caused the failure of RAID10 and we cannot fix it after many attempts.

Although we are still trying to retrieve the data, unfortunately the possibility of data loss on this node is high. We hereby provide the following options to recover the service.

1. Create a new VPS with the same IP address in another node. In this case you will need to install the operating system and recover your own backup. We will extend the server due date for 2 months as compensation.

2. Cancel the service and we will refund the most recent 2 invoices.

We will process the first option by default. When your VPS status becomes "Offline" instead of "Checking", you can perform operating system installation in the control panel.

If you prefer to go with option 2, please reply to this Email, or open a support ticket.


很抱歉的通知您,我們無法在託管您 VPS 的伺服器上重建 RAID 陣列。 在同一時間同一跨度的兩個硬碟上出現故障,這導致 RAID10 陣列發生錯誤,經過多次嘗試,我們仍然無法修復它。

儘管我們仍在嘗試檢索數據,但不幸的是,此節點上數據丟失的可能性很高。 我們因此提供以下選項以恢復服務。

1. 在另一個節點中創建一個具有相同IP地址的新VPS。 在這種情況下,您將需要安裝操作系統並恢復自己的備份。 我們會將服務器的到期日延長 2 個月作為補償。

2. 取消服務,我們將退還最近的 2 個賬單。

默認情況下,我們將處理第一個選項。 當您的VPS狀態變為 “offline” 而不是 “checking” 時,可以在控制面板中執行作業系統安裝。

如果您希望使用選項 2,請回复此電郵,或開啓服務單。



This is a quick update regarding the server down of KR-node 10 where your VPS is hosted at. There is a RAID failure on the server. At the moment we are replacing the faulty hard drives and rebuilding the RAID array.

You will receive an Email if your VPS is impacted.

The process may take more than 24 hours. If you do not wish to wait, please contact us and we can create a new VPS for you in another node.

We are sorry for the inconvenience, and we will keep you updated once we have. 

Sunday, May 31, 2020

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