May 24th [LA3] Upstream network device upgrade [Scheduled]

Location: LA3, Los Angeles, USA Pacific Time: 2018-05-27 09:00--2018-05-27 11:00 Hong Kong Time: 2018-05-28 00:00--2018-05-28 02:00 Maintenance type: Network device upgrade Services Impacted: Network services Expected Impact: There will be loss of connection for 20 mins. Read More »

May 19th [SG1] Datacentre DRUPS Free Wheel Clutch Oil Replacement work [Scheduled]

Dear Valued Customer,   During the last preventive maintenance, it was found that one of the DRUPS’ Free Wheel Clutch Oil is contaminated. Henceforth, we have scheduled the following activity to shut down the affected DRUPS (2B) and replace its Free Wheel Clutch Oil. During the activity, both rack power sources will be available and cooling ... Read More »