Dear customer,

As you may know, the coronavirus outbreak has been reported in several countries and regions. We hereby ensure you that we are in full operation and all our services remain unchanged.

However, please note that there are precautionary actions taken in local datacentres, which have impacts on remote hand services and the entry to the facility. This slows down our set up process of dedicated servers and affect colocation customers.

Following the general guideline, if you are experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms including fever, or have visited an area with high rates of disease transmission (The lists are different per datacentres) within the past 14 days, you will not be allowed to enter the facility. There will be health check by the staff on the entrance. You are also required to practice elevated levels of personal hygiene inside the facility.

In addtion, the number of on-site staff is reduced as they are adviced to work from home. As a result, remote hand service is expected to be delayed. Please schedule remote hand services or entry in an early manner.

Thank you for your cooperation and please contact us if you have any questions. We wish you all the best!

Thursday, March 19, 2020

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