Sep 11th [HK3][Maintenance] Migration Notice / 九龍HK3數據中心搬遷通知

Customer, We will be migrating the VPS services from HK3 to HK4. The migration is scheduled on 18/10/2017, please open a ticket if you would like to migrate in advance. IP will be re-assigned, you will receive an Email with your new IP address. Please note that HK4 doesn't come with direct China connection, and we do not have plan to add it in ... Read More »

Jun 23rd [HK2][Maintenance] Migration Notification / 數據中心搬遷通知 [Completed/已完成]

Update 08/07/2017Network has been stable for 1 week. We now consider the maintenance completed.If any issue occurs, please contact us.網絡已經穩定運作1個星期,我們現在設定此維護結束。若閣下遇到任何問題,請聯絡我們。Update 03/07/2017 18:56Most ISPs are reachable. We are trying to make the others reachable ... Read More »

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